Even “Jersey Shore” was on the Dole

by Ryan on September 15, 2011

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You knew somewhere deep down that this one was coming:  apparently, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority approved nearly $420,000 of taxpayer funds to cover production costs associated with the 2009 season of MTV’s Jersey Shore.

I’m sorry, but a sleazy fist-pumping Guido-promoting MTV reality show didn’t need any more “stimulus” — I think you can actually get herpes just by casually channel surfing past the damn show!

Christie put a stop to this in 2010, but the damage was done and the horrible truth remains — my tax dollars financially contributed to Jersey Shore.

There.  It had to be said it.

As such, I offer my firm apology for the consequences to our culture that the fist-pumping grease quotient at Sleazeside Seaside Heights, NJ, promoted wasting my tax dollars.

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