Obama 2012: Making His Stand on the Hill of Class Warfare

by Ryan on September 19, 2011

in Economy,Election 2012,Politics

How about soaking $1.5 trillion out of the “rich” in the spirit of “fairness” in order to reduce the deficit and jump start this economy?

Silly, right?  Nonetheless, President Obama suggested just that, unveiling his big plan to fix the economy today, drawing the line in the sand and deciding to choose the unabashed class warfare hill to proverbially die upon moving into the 2012 election.

Once upon a time Obama said raising taxes in a recession is ridiculous (but you have to understand that was then).  That reversal’s not good for anyone politically and exposes the larger problems Obama has with his base.  It’s gotten so bad intramurally that some Clinton-connected libs even want him to drop-out of the 2012 race for the good of the nation!

Obama’s backing himself into a no-win situation:  fight the Republicans and lose on the economy or cave and face a primary challenge from the left which Obama would likely win, but would fatally wound his candidacy.  If he drops out, then he’s a lame duck and absolutely nothing changes until the election, securing his legacy as a miserable failure.

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