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October 2011

Herman Cain’s Big MSM Test

October 31, 2011

Uh oh.  Herman Cain is either in the midst of an attempted “high-tech lynching” by the MSM, or has some ‘splainin’ to do about an apparent sexual harassment issue from back in the 1990s. I think this is probably much ado about nothing, but how Cain reacts to this smearing in the coming weeks will [...]

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Dreaming of a White Halloween

October 30, 2011

It snowed yesterday, leaving me a little unclear what to say to people — Happy Halloween?  Happy Thanksgiving?  Merry Christmas?  Happy President’s Day?  Regardless, I’m sure record snow for such an early date is somehow a sign of global warming and that the end-times are upon us. In my part of New Jersey had about [...]

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Leno on the Mortgage Relief Plan

October 29, 2011

Not a good sign for any Democrat when the pop culture starts picking on you:

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Oakland’s Mayor Appeases Occupiers

October 28, 2011

The Occupy movement conjures up many images:  grungy libs, animus against police (including car poo), mass arrests, ACORN‘s murky involvement, and people demanding the property of others be given to them. When a full-fledged Occupier riot broke out in Oakland the other night the police came out and cleaned up the streets, dispersing the mob.  [...]

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Gen X: Reality Doesn’t Bite

October 27, 2011

In a study just released by the University of Michigan’s “Longitudinal Study of American Youth”, Generation X is actually finding the adult world to be pretty cool.  The study entitled “Active, Balanced, and Happy“(pdf) indicates that Xers generally like their jobs and have a good work ethic, stay married longer than and have a more [...]

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Student Loan Relief Program: A Shameless Attempt at Vote-buying

October 26, 2011

In order to do anything to help his reelection, President Obama has decided to add some student loan forgiveness and/or refinancing promises to his “Bypass Congress” tour, telling a crowd with a straight face that there would be no cost to  taxpayers. Obama’s not even hiding his shameless attempt at vote-buying saying clearly, “Young people, [...]

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Obama the Occupier?

October 25, 2011

Here’s a link I found on Drudge today which indicates that President Community Organizer was active in 1998 Chicago acting very similar to today’s “Occupy” rubes.  Though filled with anecdote and few witnesses, such associations and experiences as a young adult may be why the Obama Nation seems all enthused and nostalgic when he talks [...]

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Obama’s Impatience with Congress

October 24, 2011

You know, dealing with a legislature in a tin-pot banana republic is so much easier than doing so in America.  Stirring up poll-tested frustration, the President indicated his willingness to circumvent the legislative process to allow people whose mortgages are underwater to refinance under targeted conditions.  Somehow, I get the sense that when the Founders [...]

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Occupy Wall Street “Revolution” a Bit Premature

October 23, 2011

Here’s a rather dutifully skewed MarketWatch piece from Paul B. Farrell which paints the “Occupation” movement with tricornered hats and democracy in their hearts (seizing property from one group to give to people to whom that property does not belong may be “true democracy”, but the kind that ushers in chaos and dictatorships). The catalyst [...]

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Sunsetting the Iraq War

October 22, 2011

The final Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with Iraq indicated that we would be leaving on December 31, 2011.  While this agreement was arranged in November 2008 with the outgoing Bush Administration, apparently the Obama Administration just read the memo and took little time to brag about how the final withdrawal of forces in Iraq [...]

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Qaddafi is Dead… Now What?

October 20, 2011

It’s been about six months since the USA NATO decided to affect regime change in Libya, using drones and supplying rebels to oust long-time dictator Muammar Qaddafi.  Today, it’s been confirmed that Qaddafi is dead. If you want to relish in the death of a brutal dictator feel free to peruse the Internet for the [...]

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Protest Anger Grows in Greece

October 19, 2011

Greece sucks on many levels nowadays given their debt crisis and the economic and social impact it’s had on the nation.  While a beautiful and history laden country, its people, spoiled by their own welfare state teet, are in the midst of a 48-hour general strike, which has (no surprise) turned violent: Let’s hope we [...]

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TOTUS: Lost and Found

October 18, 2011

No need to panic — no need to invoke the 25th Amendment — no need to cancel the 2012 Elections — TOTUS has been found! Some hoodlums decided to steal TOTUS and some sound equipment yesterday, but all is well now:  TOTUS has been recovered and is ready for action. Crisis averted, the nation can [...]

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Cain Sings Imagine, Sort Of

October 17, 2011

Now that he’s one of the frontrunners in the race for the Republican nomination, we are about to learn more about Herman Cain’s past.  One gem that was recently uncovered is this gem from Cain’s days as CEO of Godfather’s Pizza chain when he took to the stage to sing about pizza to the tune of [...]

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Memorializing Martin Luther King Without God

October 16, 2011

Today will be the official dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall, which was postponed from August 28 because of Hurricane Irene.  President Obama will be attending and speaking at the ceremony along with many others.  The memorial has stirred some controversy, as some hope for a correction to a [...]

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Obamacare Ain’t Got No CLASS

October 15, 2011

The Department of Health and Human Services had to admit yesterday that a portion of ObamaCare, the Community Living Assistance Services (CLASS) Act, is simply unworkable.  CLASS was Ted Kennedy’s brainchild (hiccup!) and a classic big government boondoggle waiting to happen:  eventually front loading goodies, while back loading the costs until the whole thing would [...]

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War #4: Uganda?

October 14, 2011

With Iraq and Libya winding down as Afghanistan is heating up, the President decided to choose a Friday afternoon document-dump to inform the nation that he will suddenly enforce a two-year-old resolution passed by Congress to send troops into Uganda deal with some insurgents.  While only deploying about 100 special forces to help the Ugandan [...]

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“Occupy L.A.” Hinting at the Need for Violence

October 12, 2011

Here’s a video of a speaker from the Occupy L.A. protests: (go to about 30 seconds) It didn’t take long for the movement’s classic m.o. to manifest in pure leftist fashion!  The left loves government.  Government is a blunt instrument of power, and by extension, coercion.  Of course, violence on some level would be necessary [...]

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Harassing the Christians in Egypt

October 10, 2011

Say one thing about Hosni Mubarak:  being ensconced all those years by American bucks also allowed him be cool with Israel and the Coptic Christians in the Mideast’s most populace Muslim nation.  Not so much with the current interim military junta!  Here’s the latest, this time against the Copts: Full coverage here.  Seems to me [...]

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Oh, Those Evil Corporations

October 8, 2011

This “Occupy Wall Street” pic has been going around the Internet the last few days.  Seemed to be echo chamber worthy:

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Mark Steyn’s “Dead Mexicans” Rant

October 8, 2011

With the “Fast and Furious” scandal accelerating by the day, conservative commentator Mark Steyn went on the Hugh Hewitt radio program and called out the MSM for not making a bigger deal about it, considering both Mexicans and American border patrol agents are dead as a result of this program.  Though highlighting MSM hypocrisy or [...]

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9.1%… Again

October 7, 2011

The first Friday of the month has become Groundhog Day — once again our U3 unemployment is at 9.1%, this time for the month of September.  However, 16.5% of the public is still really out of work.  It’s taking such a toll on the economy and the administration that even Joe Biden noticed, saying: “And [...]

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Steve Jobs, R.I.P.

October 6, 2011

Yesterday, Apple announced the passing of co-founder Steve Jobs.  Jobs likely died of complications from his virulent pancreatic cancer, though no official cause of death has yet been released.  He was only 56. Steve Jobs’ social, economic, and even political impact cannot be overstated.  Starting Apple from his family’s garage back in 1976, Jobs and [...]

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One Useful Idiot’s Moment at the “Occupy Wall Street” Protests

October 5, 2011

The person featured prominently in this video, the self-identified “Lotion Man”, pretty much embodies what the “Occupy Wall Street” crew is all about: Hmm… lets see.  He’s annoying, attention-loving (as many three-year-olds are), somewhat incoherent, emotional not rational, and an agitator.  Sounds pretty much just like an average young New York City lib with a [...]

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The “Occupy Wall Street” Contagion

October 3, 2011

I haven’t posted on the “Occupy Wall Street” movement yet simply because I thought it would be a mere flash in the pan, but since September 17th the rubes have stuck with it, even getting arrested trying to “occupy” the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was those 700 arrests that have seemed to galvanize this boiler-plate anti-capitalist [...]

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Revenge of TOTUS: The “Michael” Obama Gaffe

October 2, 2011

When you’re married to both an Obamasaurus and a teleprompter life can be pretty tough, especially when the twain shall mix!  I found this goodie at the American Thinker blog.  It’s a beauty.  Go to about 30 seconds on the video and let it play — the President’s gaffe is that he appears to refer [...]

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