Revenge of TOTUS: The “Michael” Obama Gaffe

by Ryan on October 2, 2011

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When you’re married to both an Obamasaurus and a teleprompter life can be pretty tough, especially when the twain shall mix!  I found this goodie at the American Thinker blog.  It’s a beauty.  Go to about 30 seconds on the video and let it play — the President’s gaffe is that he appears to refer to Michelle as “Michael”.

To be fair, Admiral Mullen’s name is Michael, but as the article points out Michelle’s name simply fits better.  Plus, the President did have a subtly awkward pause for a second after saying it — gotcha!

Keep in mind too that TOTUS decided not to appear at this event, having the President rely on mere notes instead of the warm steady hand of his ever-present political soul-mate and confidant.  Hmm…

In truth, I see TOTUS’ absence as a blatant attempt by TOTUS to try to sabotage Barack and Michelle’s relationship.  Mr. President, your heart can’t belong to two people forever without there being consequences.  Look deep into your soul, Mr. President, and please let one of them go for the sake of yourself and the country.

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