With Iraq and Libya winding down as Afghanistan is heating up, the President decided to choose a Friday afternoon document-dump to inform the nation that he will suddenly enforce a two-year-old resolution passed by Congress to send troops into Uganda deal with some insurgents.  While only deploying about 100 special forces to help the Ugandan government track down the butchers, who knows where this may end up!  Word has it, we’ll be sending troops into surrounding nations in the coming months too!

Ugh.  Military intervention into a third world nation now only makes a Friday afternoon document-dump?  Sad.  Here are a few more questions:

Is this intervention in America’s best interest?  Do the troubles in Uganda present a clear and present danger to the United States?  Does the use of these special forces divert them from ongoing operations in Afghanistan or covert War on Terror ops?  What is the projected cost of this operation?  What is the end game? Etc.

These questions and more will likely be answered by the Obama Nation with a “trust us” cavalier attitude on Monday.  Another humanitarian mission, Operation Restore Hope, led to the infamous “Black Hawk Down” incident — that was supposed to be a small operation too.

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rightonoz October 25, 2011 at 2:34 am

There was no clear and present danger in Iraq, and that was on a grander scale that took the focus off winning Afghanistan and containing Iran.

I believe the world as a whole should help struggling nations bring butchers such as these to justice. As for R.L – beneath contempt for his statement supporting the LRA.


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