Obamacare Ain’t Got No CLASS

by Ryan on October 15, 2011

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The Department of Health and Human Services had to admit yesterday that a portion of ObamaCare, the Community Living Assistance Services (CLASS) Act, is simply unworkable.  CLASS was Ted Kennedy’s brainchild (hiccup!) and a classic big government boondoggle waiting to happen:  eventually front loading goodies, while back loading the costs until the whole thing would near collapse, done with complete knowledge that the CBO would score it deceptively!

Yet, despite this setback HHS Secretary Sebelius still clings to the overall notion that ObamaCare will reduce the deficit in the long-run!  In an amazing bit of magic, mathematics, and physics, spending $900 billion more dollars, plus an extra $200+ billion on a “doctor fix” because the original plan sucks, all while providing benefits for six years while tax us for ten years, is somehow going to save us money in the long-run without rationing or death panels?  Right.  While you’re at it, I have this bridge in Brooklyn I’m selling for three apples or 700 stinky protesters (or best offer).

CLASS is something HHS had to admit won’t work, which is great — but at the end of the day I can’t help wonder what might be lurking in the mire of the ObamaCare law that’s also unworkable that they don’t have to tell us about.  What a mess!

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