Memorializing Martin Luther King Without God

by Ryan on October 16, 2011

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Today will be the official dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall, which was postponed from August 28 because of Hurricane Irene.  President Obama will be attending and speaking at the ceremony along with many others.  The memorial has stirred some controversy, as some hope for a correction to a paraphrased “drum major” quote which to some seems a little arrogant as displayed.

However, I believe that it is a sad comment on American culture when the two most recent major memorials in our nation’s capital, the World War II Memorial and now the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, have no direct references to God.

This is especially disappointing for King’s memorial given that the good Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. obviously believed that our natural, God-given rights were the principle philosophical foundation of all his activism (his PhD was in systemic theology)!

A proud Christian, King constantly met the opposition’s “physical force” with “soul force” bravely.  I just think it would have be nice to recognize that concept in a memorial to a man who epitomized the power spirit and faith can have in changing the hearts of a nation.

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