Occupy Wall Street “Revolution” a Bit Premature

by Ryan on October 23, 2011

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Here’s a rather dutifully skewed MarketWatch piece from Paul B. Farrell which paints the “Occupation” movement with tricornered hats and democracy in their hearts (seizing property from one group to give to people to whom that property does not belong may be “true democracy”, but the kind that ushers in chaos and dictatorships).

The catalyst for this Occupation Revolution, according to Farrell?  EU bank failures sending ripples to Wall Street exposing what little the government could do to help.  While a bit premature, that prediction is not totally out-of-whack.  Should the apocalypse happen as he sees it, Farrell believes that the people will simply not accept new bank bailouts — because of the Occupy folks!

I disagree:  we will get bailouts anyway and the incumbents will suffer public ire in 2012, mostly from a then reinvigorated Tea Party apparatus bent on kicking the bums out.  Being left with either a suddenly populist Republican or an Obama Administration responsible for the new bailouts, the Occupy folks won’t have any place to go sans an ill-fated third party or 1968-style violence alienating, then dooming the Left.

Farrell also admits that the Tea Party is threatened by the Occupy movement.  As the Tea Party should be:  true democracy is mob rule.  The Tea Party is for changing the system within the system in the direction of personal responsibility and limited government, while the Occupiers are for a bigger, class-angrier type of government willing to accept blood in the streets to meet its Marxist demands.

One movement is descended from the American Revolution, the other heirs to the French Revolution.  Farrell either doesn’t get this, or just doesn’t like the Tea Party because of his own preconceived, MSM-driven stereotypes, giving Occupy celestial importance merely to promote a Tea Party foil in the next election cycle.

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