Obama’s Impatience with Congress

by Ryan on October 24, 2011

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You know, dealing with a legislature in a tin-pot banana republic is so much easier than doing so in America.  Stirring up poll-tested frustration, the President indicated his willingness to circumvent the legislative process to allow people whose mortgages are underwater to refinance under targeted conditions.  Somehow, I get the sense that when the Founders were pondering use of executive orders, tinkering with underwater mortgages probably didn’t enter the conversation too often — I hope the courts take him to the cleaners if he goes through with it.

The President could just send that specific idea to Congress, but Obama wants the entire crap sandwich Jobs bill to go through.  Unfortunately that means it’s all or nothing-type demagoguery being served up with potentially dangerous precedents to follow.

Having the attitude that Congress isn’t required when the unelected fourth branch of our government (the bureaucracy) can do things by fiat is truly dangerous.  This has been part of Obama’s strategy m.o. for years — don’t think, just pass, and the bigger, more labyrinthine the better.  It’s now become the latest theme of his reelection campaign: “We Can’t Wait“!

Well, I can’t wait for Obama to lose his job in just over a year.

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