Student Loan Relief Program: A Shameless Attempt at Vote-buying

by Ryan on October 26, 2011

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In order to do anything to help his reelection, President Obama has decided to add some student loan forgiveness and/or refinancing promises to his “Bypass Congress” tour, telling a crowd with a straight face that there would be no cost to  taxpayers.

Obama’s not even hiding his shameless attempt at vote-buying saying clearly, “Young people, I need you guys involved,” right before promising them just what they want.  So Obama’s lowering himself to begging for reelection help from people his policies have hurt?  Yup.  Obama’s getting desperate.

Also, I have very little sympathy for college grads with ridiculous debt.  They chose their college/university.  So did I:  a reasonably priced state college with a good secondary education program.  My undergraduate college loans were paid off before I hit 30, having made many sacrifices to accomplish that.

So, I resent having to bailout whiny reckless grads with a degree in Keg Studies and $200,000 in debt, who have a diluted sense of entitlement at the expense of the taxpaying 53%, after having made sound economic choices myself.  Here’s lesson #1 from Real Life 101:  actions have consequences.

I also resent a president threatening to dictate a program over the head of Congress which uses my money to buy votes from people whose ire he’s stoking merely for petty political ends.

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