Gen X: Reality Doesn’t Bite

by Ryan on October 27, 2011

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In a study just released by the University of Michigan’s “Longitudinal Study of American Youth”, Generation X is actually finding the adult world to be pretty cool.  The study entitled “Active, Balanced, and Happy“(pdf) indicates that Xers generally like their jobs and have a good work ethic, stay married longer than and have a more positive view of marriage than Boomers, have positive expectations for their kids, and remain social.

So, who is Generation X?  According to the study, they are the 84 million Americans born between 1961-1981 (though most historical, not sociological, figures have Gen X beginning in 1964).

For a generation not being given much of a chance and generally viewed as Spicoli-like slackers since I can remember, it’s really cool to read that Xers are generally satisfied with life, having matured into something better and happier than some of our elders thought.  Reading something positive about my generation is pretty awesome.  No, “yeah, whatever” from me this time!

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