Oakland’s Mayor Appeases Occupiers

by Ryan on October 28, 2011

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The Occupy movement conjures up many images:  grungy libs, animus against police (including car poo), mass arrests, ACORN‘s murky involvement, and people demanding the property of others be given to them.

When a full-fledged Occupier riot broke out in Oakland the other night the police came out and cleaned up the streets, dispersing the mob.  When they came back the next night, Oakland’s mayor Jean Quan decided to tell the cops to back-off!

Seriously?  When your kid throws a tantrum and breaks something, you don’t give him what he wants and then apologize to him.  That’s going to teach him the completely wrong lesson.  But, that’s what Mayor Quan, an avid Obama supporter by the way, essentially did.

Here’s what America’s mayor would have done early enough to avoid these problems:

“…I had a rule and I enforced it as best I could and pretty effectively. The rule was: You’re not allowed to sleep on the streets. Sorry, not allowed to sleep on the streets. Streets are not for sleeping.

“Sleeping on the streets is a dysfunctional act. It harms the person, it harms society, it leads to unsanitary conditions that affect public health. The first one who decided to sleep there should have been removed and then the second one, and the third one, and the fourth one and the fifth one.

“They can protest during the daytime if they want to, but if you want to stay over in New York City overnight, you got to rent a room, and if you’re homeless we got plenty of shelters for you.”


Mayor Jean Quan, however, just ensured an indefinite extension of this group’s already violent behavior.

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