Andy Rooney, 1919-2011

by Ryan on November 5, 2011

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Last night, media icon Andy Rooney passed away from complications from an undisclosed surgery.  He was 92.  Rooney had written for TV pretty much since its inception.  He was a war correspondent who was one of only a few journalists to fly in a bombing raid over Germany in World War II.  Rooney stayed in print then TV media until his 1,097th broadcast commentary last month on the show he’s most famous for, CBS’s “60 Minutes”.

Sometimes controversial, sometimes hokey and conventional, Rooney’s commentaries at the tail-end of “60 Minutes” were a must-watch for many in this country.  For a while in college, I even tuned into CBS just to catch what Rooney had to say!  His politics were run-of-the-mill mainstream media liberal most of the time, and his commentaries were quaint when sweating the small stuff, but Andy Rooney was undoubtedly a media icon whose points of view were always heard and talked about by millions.

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