D-Day Prayer at WWII Memorial Stymied by Administration

by Ryan on November 6, 2011

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I was greatly disappointed to learn years ago that the World War II Memorial would be the first major DC memorial absent any reference to God.  I believe that it speaks ill of our hyper-sensitive politically correct ruling-class culture;  even nowadays since God is also absent from MLK’s recently dedicated memorial.

However, if there was a place to fit in a reference to God, it would be through including President Roosevelt’s D-Day prayer with the nation, which he gave the morning of June 6, 1944, to the World War II Memorial.  The prayer, delivered on the radio, was a source of comfort and solace for a nation on the verge of success or failure in securing a Nazi-free future for Europe.

We are well aware that the Obama Administration believes in only enforcing some laws when it sees fit (just not the ones regarding voter intimidation, border security, the War Powers Act, or multiple elements of the commerce clause it doesn’t agree with, but I digress).  So, suddenly after a Congressional hearing takes place regarding a potential “World War II Memorial Prayer Act of 2011″, the Obama Nation opposed it on the grounds that the Commemorative Works Act prohibits such changes.

The bill is going to pass the House, has broad public support, and doesn’t change history.  Including the prayer actually enhances it!  Maybe Obama’s crew doesn’t like history because of what history is likely to say about them, but objecting to a historically accurate and appropriate plaque being placed at a massive memorial is ridiculous and seems merely like a petty anti-religious religious move by this administration.

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