“Occupy” Rhetoric to Haunt Dems

by Ryan on November 19, 2011

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Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) used “occupy” rhetoric on Thursday to express her will that entitlements be taken off the table during the ill-fated Super Committee negotiations to deal with the deficit.  Tina Korbe, writing for Hot Air, did an excellent job exposing the many obvious problems with Mikulski’s argument.

However, not only is Mikulski’s argument a non-starter given the size of our entitlement programs, Mikulski also conjured up “occupy” rhetoric at a time when the Occupiers have taken a more radical turn, especially in New York CityCosts associated with this movement are also starting to pile-up nationwide and people are getting wary.  I have a sense that the recent violence is just a prelude to what we can expect next year, especially around the national conventions, as well as we approach Election Day.

Does the Democrat Party want to be associated with that part of the movement as well?  They certainly are trying their best to do so, and the more radical the Occupiers get the worse it is for those associated with them as time goes on.  I have a feeling that Mikulski, Obama and other Dems will be haunted by their rhetoric as Election Day approaches.

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