EU Dictates Going Amok: Water Doesn’t Prevent Dehydration

by Ryan on November 20, 2011

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This top headline at the Drudge Report needs to be added to the echo chamber!

After an exhaustive three-year study, European Union elites have decided that not only does water NOT by itself prevent dehydration, but that it will now be against the law to say it does on labels or in advertising bottled water products.  Perhaps they neglected to look up the word “hydration” in the dictionary during that exhaustive study — they’d be pretty shocked in Brussels if they did!

Their ridiculous stance has some twisted logic to it:  scientifically speaking someone may remain hydrated without the use of bottled water.  Should that mean Brussels be compelled to ban under penalty of law noting the idea that bottled water prevents dehydration as well?  Nope.

What a perfect example of a bureaucracy out of touch with the people, basic business principles, and scientific fact (which is sacrosanct regarding global warming, but apparently not on the impact of water on hydration)!

Big government often times creates its own best argument against big government.  This is one of those times — just let it be!

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