Super Committee, Epic Failure

by Ryan on November 21, 2011

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The so-called “super committee” to deal with debt reduction admitted today that they are not going to make their artificial deadline to cut over $1 trillion from the budget over ten years.

No surprise here.  This whole super committee concept was never intended to work, but to punt.  And after the punt is the fodder for the election year punditry.

First of all, no Congress can bind a future Congress.  So, this talk about 10 years-out is all nonsense — the next Congress will just alter whatever the Supers come up with.

Also, I’ve had a feeling that this whole punting exercise had a two-fold benefit for the Dems, but no benefit for the Republicans:  one, it gave the Dems a little cover by taking spending issues off the table until they could re-tool their statist rhetoric;  and two, force the Republican House to vote for tax increases in an attempt to alienate the GOP from their base going into the 2012 cycle.

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