Politico: Gingrich Used Different Label Twelve Years Ago

by Mike on November 29, 2011

in Election 2012,Politics

The gossip website Politico is reporting  that Newt Gingrich once described himself as a Rockefeller Republican in a 1989 interview to the Ripon Society.  Apparently, the Romney campaign Politico sees this 1989 interview as a bombshell due to the fact Gingrich  labeled Mitt Romney as a Rockefeller Republican in 2011.

What’s notable about the interview Politico quoted but apparently didn’t read is that it doesn’t actually say what Politico says it does.  In the 1989 interview, Gingrich actually says that he USED TO BE a Rockefeller Republican, but was encouraged by the fact that at the time of the interview (1989), the old moderate and conservative wings of the Republican Party were forging a consensus over how to dismantle the failure of the liberal welfare system.  You know, the welfare system that Gingrich successfully reformed by shoving legislation down Bill Clinton’s throat just six years later.

But Politico found an old interview.  And Gingrich labeled his pre-1989 self with the same label he attaches to Romney today.  Therefore, Romney must be the second coming of Ronald Reagan or something.  Funny how Politico gossip always seems to break when Romney needs to take a rival down a peg or two.

For the sake of disclosure, I am still an undecided primary voter.

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