“October Baby” Film Set for Wide Release in 2012

by Ryan on December 4, 2011

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Surfing through my regular Internet haunts, I discovered this story on The Blaze about a movie called October Baby set for wide release next year.  Check out the trailer:

In its struggle for intellectual converts, the right has virtually abandoned mainstream pop culture outlets as a way to get its messages out there — this has been very unfortunate.  October Baby deals with a seriously uncomfortable issue for many people — abortion, responsibility, teen angst, confronting the past, and forgiveness — in a way that appears approachable to the mainstream.  The story seems loosely based on a one like that of Gianna Jessen, who herself survived a saline abortion in 1977.

I hope it’s a good, powerful movie that changes a few minds on the life issue.  I’ll definitely be attending when it hits a theater near me sometime next year.

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