Obama Lays Out Statist Vision in Kansas

by Ryan on December 6, 2011

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President Obama made a speech today in Osawatomie, Texas Kansas, laying out his statist vision of America wrapped up in class warfare galore.  This is nothing new from a man who has done nearly everything within his power to divide and subjugate the people of this nation by attempting to grind our wills into submission bit-by-bit until we reach a point where we one day accept this economic quagmire as normal.

Read the links or watch video of his remarks for the details — it would be too lengthy, and (let’s face it) redundant to mention here.  However, Obama’s evoking the name of Progressive Republican Teddy Roosevelt was interesting, especially in a place commemorated by TR because of a skirmish back in the tumultuous 1850s starring radical abolitionist John Brown (not a Democrat).

TR was a progressive.  Progressives imbibed the Democrat Party with its socialist tendencies about 80 years ago and laid the foundations for the sustainability and entitlement crisis we as a nation face today.  Obama unambiguously planted himself on a branch of that intellectual tree, which isn’t good for the nation’s prospects if he’s re-elected on that statist plank.

Also, Osawatomie itself symbolizes the sometimes violent struggle between those who want to control men’s lives and those who want them to be set free.  Obama’s venue choice was a bit odd given that the Democrats were on the wrong side of the whole freedom/liberty issue back then too.

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paul watson December 12, 2011 at 11:45 pm

You seem smart. What is the rate of taxation and what percentage of gdp does it now take? I’m Catholic also, and I googled “staying Catholic along with conservatives”, and this goofy blogsite popped up. Where do you get your revisionist account of the last eighty years from, the Koch brothers? People like you need to start working on developing a time machine and stop the country from electing FDR FOUR times!
How about this for aome history. Reagan promised to both reduce taxes BALANCE the budget by 1983. He tripled the debt. He scoffed a Democrats who took issue with him. Besides, even though Congress consistently appropriated LESS monies than he asked for in his budgets, he blamed the Congress for the deficits. Incidently, federal tax revenue was about 18% of GDP at the time. Bush Sr. followed, and the deficits continued unabated. He did have enough guts, however, to raise taxes in response to the problem. Here comes Clinton, about as socialist as Eisenhower (A president who ADDED ten million to the Social Security rolls with the approval of “Mr. Conservative”, Robert Taft).
The deficit was coming down. In fact, after eight years of Clinton and at the beginning of Dubya’s first term, Alan Greenspan was telling Congress that there was a real possibility that the ENTIRE national debt may well be PAID off by,guess when, 2011. We can’t have that, can we? We ned to initiate TWO wars along with massive tax cuts. We need to reduce tax revenue , as a percentage of gdp, to its lowest level since 1950. We need to so distress the financial structure of this country that we need to eliminate Medicare and Social Security. We need to LOWERcorporate taxes. Never mind that those taxes represent only 1.3% of gdp.
We need to have a CATHOLIC Supreme Court t ell the world that corporations are people and then go off to a traditional Mass. What you and your ilk have wrought on this country is monstrous. You demand that a woman bear a child no matter her ability to care for it. You wish to dismantle any ability of government to help.
Your contention that a government safety net encourages dependence is, I believe, mere rationalization for a belief that the best thing a government can do is to make sure you have yours.
Look who you Conservatives have as spokesmen. Rush, a three times divorced dope addict. He lied to three different women but he’s full of truth. Catholic Newt. Enough said.
Here’s what I want to be free of. I want to be free of worrying about whether or not my sinkwater is goingto explode. I want to be free of worrying about whether or not pipes containing natural gas have been properly welded. I want clean lakes. I want clean air. I want the schools that are built to be built to the highest standards. I want bridges inspected. I want wars, if we must fight them, to be paid for.
I just watched a video of Will Rogers’ “Beans and Bacon” radio address. Nothing has changed. You wouldn’t have liked it. Because you wouldn’t have liked it, not many in those days would have liked you. I’m thinking that if you had been around then, and you wrote the stuff you write, Mr. Rogers wouldn’t have been able to say he “never met a man HE didn’t like”.
I’m not your kind of Catholic. Good.


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