Debbie Wasserman Schultz Entertains on Fox This Morning

by Ryan on December 12, 2011

in Economy,Election 2012,Media Bias,Politics

Here is the DNC chair on Fox this morning trying to spin the Dems potential 2012 message on the economy:

I like how Gretchen Carlson stuck to her guns allowing DWS to step in it a few times.  Yet, there is surface truth to DWS’s claim that unemployment has technically dropped from its historic highs lately, but that’s only because the labor force shrank last month, leaving a smaller pie for the Bureau of Labor Statistic to measure — not the most sound place to set one’s flag.

Generally in politics if you’re explaining, you’re on defense.  If this hair-splitting rhetoric is a harbinger of the Dems 2012 message, next year could be quite entertaining!

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