OWS Destroying the 99 Percent

by Mike on December 15, 2011

in Politics

When that collection of moochers, Obama zombies, disillusioned youth, anti-semites, and other ne’er-do-wells known as Occupy Wall Street started causing trouble several months ago, they claimed that they were trying to draw attention to the disparity between the successful (those they call “the one percent”) and everyone else (“the ninety nine percent”) in attempt to improve the lives of the latter.  I guess the theory went that if the large, successful businesses were disrupted, government would then force those businesses to give some their money to other people, or something?  It’s tough to tell what exactly those people wanted since they don’t seem to know themselves.

Whatever they wanted, it’s clear the OWS is destroying the lives of the ninety nine percent they claim to represent.  The Milk Street Cafe, a restaurant near Wall Street that sold lunches to employees of those evil one percent company is closing its doors today.  Apparently, the barricades that police had to erect as a result of OWS was kind of a drain on business.  So the businessman is losing his business.  Oh, and 70 of his employees are losing their jobs just ten days before Christmas Holiday.

Don’t expect OWS to blame themselves for ruining the lives of the people they claim to speak for. After all, they’re fighting for the greater good.  If that greater good can only be achieved by ruining the lives of ordinary people, then I guess its too bad.  They have a narrative to push.

Hat tip:  Viking Pundit

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