Romney Wins Endorsements; Primary Voters Yawn

by Mike on December 19, 2011

in Election 2012,Politics

Mitt Romney has been on a roll picking up endorsements in the last couple of days.  Friday, Romney was endorsed by South Carolina Governor and Tea Party favorite, Nikki Haley  Yesterday, The Des Moines Register lined up behind the Massachusetts Governor while today brings news that 1996 GOP nominee Bob Dole is joining the party with a Romney endorsement of his own.

Unless the endorsement comes from someone like Rudy Giuliani in the immediate aftermath of September 11 or Sarah Palin at the height of the Tea Party movement (or MAYBE in this year’s primary),  the reality is that very few endorsements actually matter in the world of politics.  Newspaper endorsements are a dime a dozen and it already appears that Haley’s endorsement is hurting Haley’s standing more than it will help Romney’s.

As for Dole, his endorsement does is underscore the fact that most of Romney’s support comes from the Republican establishment, a segment of the party that usually leads our side to defeat when it gets its way.  That’s not a criticism of Dole.  In his day, Dole was one of those Republicans with a fairly conservative voting record who often bridged the gap between conservative outsiders and inside the beltway partisans.  He was never anyone’s first choice and wasn’t exciting, but he was acceptable.  (Many conservatives often had reaction similar to this one when it came to Bob Dole).

The problem with Romney is that he has switched political positions so often that it is difficult to imagine him ever being acceptable.  None of the above-mentioned endorsements will change that perception.


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