Michael O’Leary on Ryanair Success and EU Stupidity

by Mike on December 21, 2011

in Economy,Europe,Politics

Trust me when I tell you:  it may be 17 minutes long, but you do not want to miss the following video.  In this clip from a European Union conference on innovation, Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary tells the story of his airline’s success while repeatedly criticizing the EU’s boneheaded policies.

I loved this speech because it is full of the kind of common sense that is becoming less common every day.  It is amazing what people and businesses can accomplish when government steps aside and simply allows people to do what they do.  In the case of Ryanair, you get a successful business that provides jobs to a wide variety of people and consumers who can quickly travel across Europe at an affordable price.

Imagine what would happen if governments followed this approach more often.  Of course, it’s also important for businesses and people also need to be consistent in their support for the free market.

Hat tips to Daniel Hannan and Creative Minority Report.

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