Ben Nelson to Retire

by Mike on December 27, 2011

in Election 2012,Politics

Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska has announced that he will not seek re-election in 2012.  This announcement is the political equivalent of trying to maintain the upper hand in a relationship.

After playing hard to get for months during the negotiations over Obamacare, Nelson eventually voted for the legislation (and guaranteed its passage) after securing special privileges for his state through what became known as the Cornhusker Kickback.  Instead of being received as a hero as he expected, the once-popular Nelson’s approval rating plummeted to the point where the guy couldn’t even go out for some pizza without being jeered.  In relationship terms, he called his partners fat and they vowed never to speak to him again.

Basically, he was going to lose if he ran again.  Rather than running for re-election (the equivalent of calling the girl back after a fight), Nelson decided to retire and thereby keep what he sees as the upper hand in his relationship with the people of Nebraska.  I suppose Nelson can think whatever he wants.  Either way, the nation doesn’t have to listen to him anymore.

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