Obama at Recess

by Ryan on January 5, 2012

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Much has been made about President Obama’s recess appointment of Richard Cordray and three members of the NLRB, because, well, Congress is not on recess.  A pro forma session is still being in session — it was a way that Harry Reid himself prevented Dubya from making recess appointments.  So, on the surface the President’s move appears to be unprecedented, maybe even unconstitutional, and to some even dictatorial.

So Obama’s deliberately toying around with the constitution to play the populist, while goading the Republicans into sounding petty and obstructionist by defending our political checks and balances.  Generally, when you’re explaining, you’re on defense.  It is very frustrating to watch and sets dubious precedents.

Once in a while Obama’s cavalier attitude towards his office makes him sound legitimately dangerous.  The system is there to constrain power and passions, not force one’s hand into unilateral action.  If he gets away with it, the President and Congress have set a terrible precedent, further marginalizing our system of law while chipping away at its sanctity.

Remember the old days when playing political games in election season stayed in the realm of negative ads and campaign hyperbole, rather than potentially unconstitutional power grabs?

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Eric Lindholm January 5, 2012 at 7:10 pm

Obama is looking for a hissy-fit reaction from the Republicans and they shouldn’t oblige. Let him have his (toothless) director and take the message of “Mr. Bipartisanship” turning into a Constitutional end-runner to the election.

All the reasons why Americans voted for Obama are being chipped away, one by one.


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