Todd Palin Tips Hat to Newt

by Ryan on January 9, 2012

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It was reported today that Sarah Palin’s husband Todd spoke with Newt Gingrich this morning, offering his support to the Speaker’s campaign to replace Obama.  Still no word on who Sarah’s going to support.  McCain’s supporting Romney because McCain, for establishmentarian reasons, must.  Sarah will probably go rogue from her former 2008 campaign partner.

I endorsed Newt for President last week before the Iowa caucus and given the current field I still support that choice.  However, I’m also very disappointed that Newt has generally gone negative, and more importantly attacked Romney on free-market capitalist grounds, echoing the old 1980s “corporate raider” rhetoric of the left regarding Romney’s time at Bain Capital.  Romney’s people hit back with:

It’s puzzling to see Speaker Gingrich and his supporters continue their attacks on free enterprise. This is the type of criticism we’ve come to expect from President Obama and his left-wing allies at

Others aren’t happy about this development either.  Please Newt: don’t push me into siding with Romney on this, a philosophical issue on free enterprise where I’m defending the Massachusetts Moderate over you on a day when Todd Palin just pledged his support!

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rightonoz January 11, 2012 at 12:58 am

Sorry, Ryan, while we disagree sometimes, I generally respect your opinions, however going for Newt – The guy’s a loose canon, spoilt brat who did great harm when he held all the power a couple of years back. The guy some say brought government to a standstill over a perceived slight.

From the point of view of the rest of the world – worse than GWB. If he gets into power he will drive America’s friends away. Much as the US feels it’s the lone superpower, it needs friends.

OK, you have a left leaning character in power now, but going to the opposite extreme will do no-one any favours. Here’s a guy supposedly able to defend free markets, who slags an opponent for being a businessman, making profits (and creating jobs) using a very carefully constructed and questionable view of the history involved. To me that shows questionable ethics, then let’s not get into his flip-flopping on his ethics in marriage…. Publicly a moralist, privately a cheater.

Personally I find his ethics extremely questionable, his grasp of world politics weak in the extreme.

While Romney may be a bit left of right for me, he seems the best of a fairly ordinary bunch.


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