Obama Wants His $1.2 Trillion

by Ryan on January 12, 2012

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The frustrating debt-ceiling debacle of last summer yielded two predictable outcomes:  we got little-to-none of the promised spending cuts and Obama got a free hand until after the 2012 Election to ask for a cold $1.2 trillion for raising the debt ceiling.

In no way is this a victory for the American people.  Politically, though, Obama’s in a bind — he asked for this!

This kind of reminds me of the Republican’s obstruction of the payroll tax cut extension around Christmas.  It wasn’t worth the political damage — Obama was merely setting up an issue for material in his State of the Union address while he and the MSM got to pound the GOP for a while — but the GOP did it anyway.

Obama asked for the power to increase the debt ceiling and therefore created this predicament himself.  He has to do this.  With the nation focusing on South Carolina and with our debt-to-GDP ratio about to burst 100%, Obama just opened himself up to getting seriously pounded by the GOP candidates on TV and in the upcoming debate (that is if the candidates can focus on anything other than being the anti-Romney at the moment).

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