Newsweek: Don’t Like Obama? You Must Be Dumb

by Ryan on January 17, 2012

in Election 2012,Media Bias,Politics

It’s a general rule that Libs for over 100 years have felt like they are the smartest people ever.  So smart, in fact, that they can run your lives, tell us what’s right and wrong, and judge us smart or dumb.

So when I see that Newsweek is running a cover asking “Why are Obama’s Critics so Dumb?” it just seems right — Obamabots, in desperation, telling us that the reality we sense and feel all around us is not actually what is going on, and we’d be dumb to think that it is.  Obama’s just too smart for us lowly rubes who can’t even realize that Obama is and has been what’s in our collective best interest.

Here’s a rebuttal to that story from the right entitled “Why are Barack Obama’s Critics So Smart“.  It really tears apart the Newsweek article’s premise quite well.

I’ll let you be the judge:  are Obama’s critics dumb, or do they have a legitimate point?  You know where I stand!


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