Newt Sips Some Tea under the Old Palmetto Tree

by Ryan on January 22, 2012

in Election 2012,Media,Politics

Though statistically tied about a week ago, the battle for South Carolina shifted dramatically in favor of Newt Gingrich when the votes were finally counted.  Last night’s primary yielded a 40-28% Gingrich victory (thus far) over Mitt Romney.  Rick Santorum came in third place with 17%, with Ron Paul bringing up the rear with 13%.

Newt’s sitting pretty going into Florida.  Tea Party groups in SC coalesced around Newt, giving his campaign energy and momentum moving forward as other Tea Party groups potentially follow suit, challenging the establishment every step along the way.

With Newt winning South Carolina and Santorum pulling out a win in Iowa, Romney’s in a real race right now.  While Romney is on the ballot and has a campaign organization in every state with serious establishment support second to none in this race, it’s now clear that Romney is going to have to actually earn this nomination.  How Romney reacts will say much about how he’ll deal with fighting the Obama Nation in the Fall should he get the nomination.  I’d definitely be concerned if I were Romney, but then again this process is a marathon not a sprint.

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