Stretching the Attacks Against Newt

by Ryan on January 27, 2012

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If you’ve been paying attention to the politicking down in Florida this week, you may have noticed that Romney’s forces and his Establishment proxies launched a seemingly coordinated attack against Newt from nearly all sides and angles, even dragging Bob Dole out from retirement to hit the former Speaker.

Well, today the frenzied pig-pile continued with this gem from Politico:  frickin’ John Tyler’s grandson apparently thinks Newt is a jerk!  The Establishment doesn’t screw around, even dredging up descendants of half-assed* Whigs out of their crypts to launch an attack on a perceived threat.

This leads me to echo a question circulating around talk-radio over the last 24 hours:  will the Establishment fight this hard and dig this deep to attack Obama the way they’ve come after Newt?  I bet they don’t — they’d rather lose a “respectful” campaign than get passionate about their base’s beliefs… which is partially why conservatives loathe the Establishment in the first place.

* FYI–John Tyler was expelled from the Whig Party since he had been a Democrat and tried governing like one while in office!  The d—–bag also died in 1862 as a member of the Confederate Congress.  Not sure what Politico was going for in this attack, but it all seems like quite a stretch.

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