New Right-to-Work Law Pushes Unions to Threaten Super Bowl

by Ryan on February 2, 2012

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Yesterday, Indiana became the twenty-third right-to-work state when Governor Mitch Daniels signed just such a bill into law.  Obviously, the unions hate this because “right-to-work” essentially means that you cannot be forced to join a union or pay union dues, though the union has to collectively bargain on your behalf.

So, exhibiting predictable mob behavior the union shills who showed up at the Indiana state house yesterday ostensibly threatened to make a scene at the Super Bowl this coming Sunday in Indianapolis to vent their anger.

If you want a one-way ticket to American ire, mess with the Super Bowl.

All things being equal, calling the Big Game “the ultimate party of the 1%” and having a Purdue University professor say that the protesters “should show the 1 percent that the fate of Indiana cannot be decided with the swish of a pen by corporate politicians–the Super Bowl should be turned into a campaign for justice and jobs” isn’t going to help their cause.

But, wait!  Here’s a conundrum for the rubes:  though a conservative, I’m in a union (NJ’s not a right-to-work state) AND pay exorbitant union dues (not without implied coercion), BUT I went to a Super Bowl with my bank teller (ex-)girlfriend back in 2008.  Not exactly the 1% (though I’ll check my old W-2′s to make sure), but my dough lines their politician’s pockets.  What to do… what to do…

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