I have to admit that while I’m more than a C&E (Christmas/Easter) Catholic, I do tend to attend mass only sporadically.  Well, I HAD to attend mass this weekend to hear what my priest was going to say about the Obamacare mandate forcing religious groups to violate their consciences or be forced to only provide for people of their faith.

The issue at hand is that an Obamacare mandate taking effect in August forces all health care providers to cover birth control services (ie- abortions, the pill, the morning-after pill, sterilization procedures) for their employees and prospective patients.  This violates the conscience and beliefs of Catholic health care providers, whose facilities serve the whole community, not just Catholics.  This regulation in Obamacare makes them choose — continue to help anyone by violating your beliefs, or break the law.  When did our country start resembling China on church-and-state issues?

It’s a symptom of the problem with one-size-fits-all health care, dictated to us from the masterminds at HHS, who clearly believe they know what’s best for us all.  If the individual mandate is struck down by SCOTUS, then this point may become mute.  One hopes.

So, at mass yesterday the homily consisted of my priest reading a letter from the bishop on this very issue.  I could tell my priest was a little uncomfortable talking politics, but was clearly steadfast and in solidarity with the bishop’s plea that this provision be repealed with the help of the Catholic community pressuring their representatives.

While I break with the Roman Catholic Church on some “social justice” issues, since to paraphrase Andrew Wilkow, I’m not sure Jesus would be for universal health care dictated to the masses at the tip of a Roman spear, and that I distinguish between true refugees and freeloaders when it comes to border crossings, I believe protesting this particular issue is dead on.

Other faiths should also be highly concerned at this “prohibiting the free exercise thereof” concept regarding how religions practice their faith in the community is being handled.  The Obama Nation doesn’t seem to care much about religion, since to the statists religion generally gets in the way of the secular-progressive ethic which the statist wishes to impose on the masses.  This open animus should be resisted through all legal means.

Also, what stupid politics!  Catholics support Democrats more than Republicans for some reason — I suppose the liberal-means-being-a-nice-person swill the left has successfully ingrained into the popular culture contributes to that.  But, why fit this latest time-bomb into Obamacare knowing that its timing will negatively affect a group the Dems require to win majorities in numerous key Northeastern states?  Either the Obama Nation’s incredibly naive or cocky as they hope Catholic Democrat voters either really are sheep or don’t really believe what their faith tells them.

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Archangel February 12, 2012 at 5:12 am

- Fact1: Old Testament written to confuse non-Jews so that non-Jews cannot understand the Truth
- Fact2: Christians then wrote the New Testament, founded on the Old Testament, which they could not understand
- Fact3: The Truth, as it was understood when the Old Testament was written, can be found in the book The Mishnah
- Conclusion: New Testament written as a sequel to a book Christians thought was the Truth but which was written to ensure they could not understand the Truth
- To understand the Truth, see http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=%22Mishnah+Eduyot+1:3%22&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CCEQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmishnahyomit.org%2Feduyoth%2FEduyoth.doc&ei=p4U3T5DPJcm60QGC8-i9Ag&usg=AFQjCNGE9_EaQlCPPloiNdiS8cGpIJWCew

Eduyot 1:4 – 1:6 “To teach the following generations that a man should not [always] persist in his opinion, for behold, the fathers of the world did not persist in their opinion.” ~ Eduyot 1:4

- Therefore: If we do not want to pay for contraceptives, all of us will have to pay more later for an increasingly over-populated world. We have enough people whom are homeless and/or starving. It is in the interest of the common good to support contraception and there isn’t anything in the Truth (the Mishnah, not the Old Testament or New Testament) which prohibits such.


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