Deja Vu at the Super Bowl

by Ryan on February 6, 2012

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Last night, Super Bowl XLVI ended with the New York Giants defeating the New England Patriots 21-17 in a game that saw just about everything:  scintillating long-drives, a safety (!), great catches, key penalties, last-minute heroics on the field and chess-like determination from two master coaches.  An estimated 111.3 million people watched the Big Game (I wonder how many of them made it to work today?), making it the most watched TV program of all time!

Unfortunately, my guys lost… again.  It was this particular moment when, having watched as much Patriots football as I have, my heart broke:

There was still a 3rd down, etc., but this play just seemed ominous at the time — like a play we always made but somehow, on this night in this way wasn’t being made.  All those times when things always seemed to go our way became fleeting before us all on the grandest stage in sports.  But, echoing Ray Lewis regarding his own team’s loss to the Patriots two weeks ago:  not one play determined the outcome of the game but a series of moments, opportunities and quality of game-play that combined to yield an outcome.

The Giants absolutely earned with pride their second championship in four years.  They played consistent, true to their form over the last few weeks, and made key plays when it counted.  The Pats had bright shining moments of greatness, but keeping the game close, the Giants handed the ball over to the suddenly new old reliable, Eli Manning, to make the final drive to win the game.

True.  But right now, it still sucks.

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