Boondoggle of a Budget

by Ryan on February 13, 2012

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If you knew Obama wasn’t serious, his new 2013 budget proposal should have made everyone laugh!  Unfortunately, times are serious and getting worse.  Obama’s  budget is the typical tax-and-spend liberal swill, bait-and-switch economic reasoning, with pie-in-the-sky projections, which nonetheless still admits over a trillion dollar deficit.  Nothing new. Which is really disheartening since it indicates that Obama’s pretty much gone all-in on the statist/class warfare message for his reelection.

Just to demonstrate who has a sense of reality, here are a few comments on the proposal.  Here’s Paul Ryan’s take:

“This budget does nothing to prevent the bankruptcy of critical programs, threatening the health and retirement security of current and future seniors.  The broken promises and recycled gimmicks contained in this budget have dramatically widened this president’s growing credibility deficit.”

Nancy Pelosi’s, on the other hand, feels this budget helps America by:

“…reigniting the American dream and building ladders of opportunity.”

Obama defends it by saying:

“This is not about class warfare. This is about the nation’s welfare.”

I suppose he would know about welfare, wouldn’t he.

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