Christie to Veto Gay Marriage Bill

by Ryan on February 16, 2012

in Culture,Election 2012,New Jersey,Politics

The NJ State legislature has passed a bill today which would legalize gay marriage in the Garden State.  However, Governor Christie has vowed to veto the measure on two grounds:  first, he’s opposed to the idea since NJ already has a civil union law which is effectively the same thing;  and also that Christie wants this issue to be on November’s ballot.  The leader of the state senate has refused this option — why encourage a higher turnout amongst conservatives if it’s not necessary?  Regardless, the next move is Christie’s to make.

I agree with Christie’s point of view on this issue:  gay marriage is already effectively law in Jersey with the state’s strong civil union law, and if this is such an important issue, let the people decide directly.  While proponents of the bill shape the argument as a civil rights issue, it really comes down to semantics — gay couples will not likely have any new privileges under this legislation than they already have.

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