You Think YOUR Three-Year-Old is Expensive!

by Ryan on February 17, 2012

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Three years ago today “Hope and Change” became law!  The Porkulus Stimulus became the greatest Keynesian experiment in history, transferring $787 billion from the productive class, our future Chinese masters, as well as our descendants to union hacks, front-groups, and make-work, not-so-shovel-ready maintenance tasks.   It was going to be so awesome that unemployment was going to be around 6% by 2012!

Yet, not everybody is so happy about its actual legacy.  The hard truth is not so rosy and may cost Obama reelection in the Fall.  This has been the slowest recovery since the 1930s.  Under Obama, unemployment was at its lowest point of his administration the day he took office.  It’s now at 8.3%, while new Stimulus-based regulations, its baseline-budgeted and embedded government largesse, in concert with another trillion dollar boondoggle, Obamacare, is choking any hopes of a real recovery anytime soon.

On the other hand, there’s another anniversary “brewing”, which was in direct response to TARP, the auto bailouts, and Stimulus all coming within a five-month span.  Something else to stymie Obama’s easy road to reelection.

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