Please, Bushes, Go Away

by Ryan on February 25, 2012

in Economy,Election 2012,Politics

I wish the Bushes would just go away.  Bush 41′s “conservatism” got us Bill Clinton, while Bush 43′s “conservatism” got us Barack Obama.  Jeb Bush said Thursday that he used to be a conservative, before correcting his Freudian slip, and warned the GOP to stop playing on people’s fears and pivot to the center as soon as possible. People pick on Romney for being the Establishment’s guy, but there is no more Establishment a group than the Bushes!

So, as the nation faces a massive debt explosion, an entitlement crisis slated to cripple current and future generations, serious foreign threats with nuclear implications emerging, the erosion of liberty in the name of security here at home, Jeb Bush warns the GOP to calm the “troubling” rhetoric which could alienate independents?  Gimme a break!

Jeb should be saying how fearful, scary, and damaging four-more-years of an Obama Nation would be to our nation’s solvency, security, and cohesion, rather than targeting the GOP candidates for pointing out the obvious, while giving Democrats fodder to exploit potential fissures in the GOP base.

Please, Bushes, just go away — you’ve done enough damage!

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