The Dangers of Lemonade

by Ryan on February 26, 2012

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John Stossel recently tried to open a lemonade stand and ran into some trouble.  So have children across this nation in places like Georgia and Missouri.  Among the items a child needs to open a lemonade stand in their front yard on a hot summer day in parts of this nation are:  registration with the town clerk, an application to the IRS for a EIN, completion of a food inspection course and passage of the test, registering for a sales tax certificate, then waiting three weeks after all that is approved.  Let’s face it, that is when Tocqueville’s “soft” tyranny turns into a hard one.

I’d love to see mass civil disobedience on this one next summer — videos of cops knocking over shoddy wooden hand-painted pre-teen lemonade stands, parents being handcuffed for allowing the stands back up, crying ten-year-olds who were merely just bored with summer vacation trying to embrace what was once great about America, where anyone could make it (as long as you fill out the proper forms, get licensed through the proper channels, wade through a labyrinthine bureaucratic quagmire, and realize at the end of it all that it’s Fall now and too chilly for lemonade!), etc.  Bring it on.

If kids can’t open lemonade stands in their front yards without the bureaucratic state shoving itself in, then what have we become as a “free” people?  I mean, what’s next:  telling us which light bulbs we can put in our homes?  Oh, wait…

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