Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

by Mike on March 1, 2012

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Andrew Breitbart, one of the true leaders in the new media, passed away from natural causes this morning at the age of 43.  Celebrities die all the time and the death of any human being is a tragedy, but this news is especially shocking.

Breitbart was so young and full of energy.  Just a few weeks ago, he was egging on OWS protesters at CPAC and successfully baited them into showing their true colors.  When you look at his Twitter page, you will see response after response to the kind of asinine liberal garbage most of just ignore when we see them on our own Facebook accounts.  Breitbart was never afraid to confront the left on their Alinsky tactics in this age of news media distortion of reality.  He was the very definition of courage.

Breitbart’s death is a tragedy.  We here at Axis of Right are praying for Mr. Breitbart and his family.

Be sure to check out Hot Air today.  They’re sure to have plenty of updates on today’s sad news.

UPDATE:  This on the other hand, isn’t shocking at all.  David Frum, one of those self-identified conservatives who because they lack the talent necessary to earn recognition on their own, resort to smearing actual conservatives as a pathetic attempt to win praise from liberals who will never really respect them, is apparently so desperate for attention that he is now attacking the dead.  Why so cruel?  I think Ace nails it:

David Frum exceeded Andrew Breitbart in one measure only, span of life.  But not in life.

David Frum will die as he lived, gray, timid, small, spiteful, cramped in thought and bent in spirit, slender of talent and obese in self-regard, unloved, unnoticed, unremembered and unread.


UPDATE 2:  Also, be sure to check out Common Cents for an excellent roundup on today’s tragic news.

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Steve March 1, 2012 at 8:19 pm

We are ALL OVER this as well on Common Cents…

Common Cents


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