Obama Hearts Alinsky

by Ryan on March 5, 2012

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Andrew Breitbart may be gone, but his legacy remains.  He spoke of vetting President Obama this year by releasing aspects of his past completely ignored by the MSM, if for nothing else, to complete the picture of who our President is in his core.

In Part 1 of the vetting, Breitbart released a poster today indicating that then state Senator Barack Obama was advertized to join leftist radicals on stage for a panel discussion after the play, “The Love Song of Alinsky.”  Breitbart subsequently goes through the other panel members and identifies their radical ties and pasts.  Whatever this revelation produces, it’s clear that Obama was a part of Chicago’s radical furniture in late 1990s.

Should this matter?  Obama’s already President and those who think he’s might be a socialist are already converts.  Plus, the great unwashed middle tends to vote pocketbook issues.  Nonetheless, as this revelation will get little MSM press, the unwashed will remain as such unless something much more shocking is released.

I look forward to that.

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