Romney Resignation

by Ryan on March 7, 2012

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“Super Tuesday” has come and gone.  This morning, after seeing that Romney won Ohio, I could finally articulate what that sinking feeling I’ve been having for a few weeks was:  “Romney resignation.”  In other words, I have come to unconsciously accept that barring an act of God the inescapable reality of the 2012 GOP race is that Willard Mitt Romney will be the nominee.  I’m still voting for Newt in June, though.

“Romney resignation” is a terrible thing because it’s unprincipled and defeatist.  You may also be feeling something similar in varying degrees.  It’s terrible.  One day out of the blue you’ll start unconsciously resenting the other candidates and don’t exactly understand why — they’re a great group, you like them!  I guess it’s kind of like that scene in Rocky when he’s beaten but won’t go down.  Those who care about him (Mickey and Adrian) want him to stay down, but he won’t.  Why won’t he just stay down?  Rocky is left standing at the end, but nonetheless loses the fight.

One of the other three (Santorum, Newt, or Ron Paul), individually must win 2/3 of all the remaining delegates or the GOP faces a brokered convention, which would damn the party to oblivion.  That likely won’t happen:  they cannot catch Mitt Romney and it’s a long time ’til August.  I’m not saying the others should drop out.  They just won’t win.  They won’t.  And I guess I’m resigned to that.

Mitt Romney’s milquetoast approach to our troubles will not solve the big problems of our day, but he’s in winning battleground states and given the math, I’d rather nominate a Romney than stomach a brokered convention where the GOP possibly nominates someone nobody outside the conventional hall voted for with echoes of “selected, not elected” on the lips of Dems everywhere.

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