CNN Panel Loses It Over Breitbart Video

by Ryan on March 8, 2012

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Last night on Hannity, Andrew Breitbart’s legacy expanded a bit with the release of a video showing a young Barack Obama introducing radical Law Professor Derrick Bell, then moving to one of Obama’s friends admitting that the video was hidden.  So, Obama cheered on a radical in college (no news there), BUT (more importantly) people knew about this and consciously chose to obscure it in 2008.

Well, the fallout continued today in a MSM discussion on CNN where Soledad O’Brien nearly loses it by the end.  On the way down though, she and most of the panel perfectly demonstrate Alinsky’s tactics of isolating, demonizing, then ridiculing one’s opponent.  It’s quite a thing to behold since rarely does the Left so expose themselves.  Not a good day for CNN.

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