Occupy Wall Street Needs Cash

by Ryan on March 11, 2012

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Occupy Wall Street has around three weeks left before they potentially run out of bail, kitchen, and medical money.  So, a sporadically violent group of otherwise privileged unemployed useful-idiot agitators is running out of cash?  I’m shocked!

Perhaps there are a lessons in all of this:  when people live beyond their means, times get tough and adult decisions have to be made;  when your idea runs out of steam you can’t force people to keep it going;  and be mindful that as the movement diminishes, more extreme elements may emerge and could ruin what’s left of your legitimacy.

Here are some choices I see:

  • OWS can go home for the Spring, keep fund-raising, and maybe get enough cash to send people to the RNC and/or DNC this Fall.
  • On the other hand, OWS can keep doing what they’re doing, continue to hemorrhage money and risk the radicals coming out to do something stupid;  by the Fall their presence will more likely help Republicans and frustrate Democrats.
  • OWS can also implore a guilt-ridden liberal member of the dreaded 1% to donate tons of cash… but then that might set off an existential crisis (if they’re really lefties, though, that won’t matter since principle often gets in the way of their desired results).

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