Idaho Pro-Lifers Spread the Word, Through Ultrasound, that Life is Beautiful

by Mike on March 22, 2012

in Culture,Politics

A group of pro-lifers in Idaho, led by Brandi Swindell, have taken a novel approach to making the case in favor of the right to life: performing ultrasounds before an audience of women in the State Capitol.

The pro-choice movement always tries to avoid discussing what an abortion actually does.  That’s because the most powerful argument against legalized abortion is a description of the procedure itself, the intentional savage killing of an innocent and defenseless human being.  However, the problem with making the pro-life case by describing the procedure is that showing the bloody aftermath of an actual abortion is graphic, horrific, and a little too “in your face” for most people.

This demonstration was done in support of legislation requiring “doctors” to show pregnant women an ultrasound of their baby before performing an abortion, but it is also significant for the abortion debate generally.  What’s genius about this pro-life demonstration is that it gets to the heart of why abortion is wrong, but in a way that appeals to the best instincts of people who may not pay close attention to the issue.  It addresses the fundamental truth of the abortion issue that the pro-choice side has spent decades ignoring.  That’s a baby in the womb.  Life is beautiful and a gift from God, and it is should be a crime to take that gift away.

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