Obamacare Endures its Third Day in Court

by Ryan on March 28, 2012

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SCOTUS just finished hearing three days of the Solicitor General try to defend Obamacare.  No one really knows how they’ll rule in June on this, but if the Justice’s questions and tone are any indication, its days could be numbered.  But that’s the catch — we just don’t know.

However, a few things about this debate struck me.  First, how weak the Solicitor General sounded as the justices questioned his premises.  This guy should have been more articulate and confident.  Then again, if I had to defend the constitutionality of the individual mandate, I’d have problems too!

Also, that in the Obamacare Act itself, which is the size of Atlas Shrugged, no one bothered to add a simple severability clause.  Meaning, that to strike part of it down, likely means the whole thing is voided. I didn’t think the Dems could be so short-sighted (but let’s face it, no one read the damn thing anyway!).

Severability was the primary news-making issue in today’s hearing.  Some may interpret this as SCOTUS showing its hand.  Perhaps.  I wrote on Monday that Roberts probably already has a head-count and that these three days were merely an important civics exercise.

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