Two (Possibly Nonsensical) Observations on SCOTUS and Romney

by Ryan on April 4, 2012

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Two things dawned on me that I think no one’s really talking about (possibly because they may make little sense):

First, what if Obama did get a tip from someone about how the Supreme Court is going to rule on Obamacare?  His actions of late indicate that he knows it doesn’t look good.  But, what if the opposite were true?  Suppose all this grand-standing and hyperbole is being done so that there is an appearance of Obama’s power over the Supreme Court even though he already knows they will support him!  Heck of a populist power play if true.

Or not.

Second, I’ve been hearing a lot of chat out there on the regular right-wing radio haunts about the lack of enthusiasm surrounding Mitt Romney.  Though last night’s sweep was decisive, it was a typically not overwhelming Romney win.  Romney still lacks conservative support, even though he was viewed back in 2008 as a conservative non-Huckleberry alternative to John McCain.  Even Santorum publicly endorsed “true conservative” Romney back then!

I’ll still support Romney enthusiastically for the 1.5 seconds it will take me to vote for him against Obama.  The issue is this:  post-2010 grassroots conservatives have generally become more awakened and are much more savvy than they once were.  I believe the lack of Romney enthusiasm is less Romney’s fault and more a consequence of a shifting electorate.

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