Greek Suicide Stokes Protests

by Ryan on April 5, 2012

in Economy,International Relations,Social Agitators,Social Unrest

It’s not just young people going to extremes in Greece as apparently a 77-year-old man shot himself due to the government’s austerity measures.  In a completely, totally, absolutely shocking development, there were protests on the streets of Athens:

Suicide is a cowardly act.  On top of everything else, this man was an anti-austerity activist whose suicide note included a statement that the government made it “impossible for him to survive.”  Another note left at the scene of the suicide (which has become a vigil) said that “this is not suicide, this is murder.”  Ridiculous and pitiful.

Greece is the canary in the West’s mine when it comes to the limits of the modern social welfare state.

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