Rats! Hawks Dropping Like Flies.

by Mike on April 12, 2012

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New York City is the greatest city in the world, but even the biggest Gothamphile would admit that the place can have a bit of a rat problem.  It isn’t a big deal when they’re down on the subway tracks or in Queens, but when the critters start infesting parks and playgrounds, even those with a bent toward animal rights are willing to bait the problem areas with rat poison.  Unfortunately, NYC hawks have been eating the poisoned rats which mean some of them are dropping dead too.  Some areas of the city are seeing the hawk endangerment as a necessary evil, but NYC liberals being NYC liberals, some areas refuse to bait rodent-infested areas to protect the hawks.

So the battle lines have been drawn: rats vs. hawks.  No sane person likes an urban rat, but many people like hawks.  It’s a shame that human beings aren’t receiving the same consideration.  If they were, kids wouldn’t be playing with rats in sandboxes and the hawks would be flying a little lower on the food chain.

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