Reince Priebus Knows How to Play the Talking Head Game

by Mike on April 12, 2012

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Effective talking heads are almost essential to successful political campaigns.  Like catchy tunes in a commercial (this being one of my favorite), a party’s message that is repeated often enough sinks into the minds of the voters.  Unfortunately, the left has dominated the talking head game ever since Haley Barbour stepped down as Chairman of the Republican National Committee back in the 1990s.  The result is that low-attention voters are tricked into believing Democrat lies such as “Bush lied,” “trickle down doesn’t work,” “war on women” etc. simply because the lies are repeated often enough.  Only when effective Republican talking heads effectively counter those lies with facts and common sense are low-attention voters given enough information to make a wise decision in the voting booth.

Enter Reince Priebus, current Chairman of the RNC.  In this video of an MSNBC interview lifted from Red State, Priebus displays an aptitude for the talking head game by forcefully and politely refusing to accept the premise that the Republicans are waging a war on women while steering the discussion back to the one topic Democrats fear more than Nancy Pelosi fears holy water:  the economy.

If Priebus and other Republican talking heads agree to numerous interviews and take this approach to all of them, the electorate will be more informed and focused.  That spells trouble for the President’s re-election.

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